Yardbirds Exalted Drummer and Songwriter Shares an Afternoon With Me

We spent a delightful Thurs night afternoon chatting on Skype ip telefoni with legendary drummer John McCarty. McCarty is a gifted songwriter and a brilliant drummer who is best known as a founding member for English Invasion rockers The Yardbirds and also for landmark progressive rock with his band Renaissance.

Besides being one of the most commercially successful and ground breaking bands in the sixties, the Yardbirds also produced three of the finest rock guitarist on the planet with Clapton, Beck and Page. The Yardbirds were inducted in to the Ordinary & Roll Legendary publication in 1992. Grammarly Discount

It’s sarcastic how the Brits were influenced by American R&B- while Americans were mesmerized by the Brits participating in their electrified versions of American R&B music.

I actually found Mr. McCarty to be enchanting, ingenious and spiritual. (And simply a daylights of a nice guy)

Here’s my interview with Jim McCarty. 

First Permit me say, thank you Jim for carrying the time to spend a few occasions with me today.

“It’s my pleasure. inch

I’ve always thought that you were a great drummer. Of course, if it were you that were Led Zeppelin’s drummer in the first place, I believe you would have done just like good a job as Mr. Bonham.

“Thank you Ray that’s very nice of one to say. ”

How long have you ever lived in France Sean?

“About seven or ten years now, I’m down in the South of France in Provence, we like it, very inspirational, makes it good to write music and songs. very well

First of all, We think the Yardbirds were in a category of their own and definitely way in front of their time. The band had that bad boy image much like the Animals and the Stones. And it didn’t hurt to have three of the very best guitarist on the entire world in the group.

“Funniest thing of those 3 guitar players that are big worldwide stars now, they were born in a radius of 20 or 30th miles from each other. Isn’t that odd? They all enjoyed in the same group and became worldwide known. inches

Keith Relf and Paul Samwell-Smith were at first in a band called the Metropolitan Blues Square. Then you certainly, Chris Dreja, and Anthony “Top” Topham became a member of in late May 1963. Did you have to audition for the group?

“No. Paul had this blues group with Keith. Then myself and “Top” Topham the initial guitar player and Chris Dreja we were starting another wedding ring because we all use to see the Pebbles as well. We all use to listen to this blues music approaching in from America, it was all very subway at the time and were all very enthusiastic about it. Paul wanted me to come in and play drums; he knew We were more of a rocker. They wanted to extend country blues into a blend of rock and roll R&B. That blues quatern -they were the four runners of the group. Paul and I proceeded to go to Hampton Grammer and played in the university group and we would the complete holiday camp thing… and it was very funny. We put the two bands together, they joined program our group and some of the guys had to go. We made one music group out of two. inches