Why Are There So Many People in American Prisons, Is This Good or Bad?

In the usa we imprison more people than any other country on the globe. With solid evidence paroles going back increases the rate of crime in their local communities. Additionally almost 65% of the people in imprisonment return either back to jail, or prison in less than just five years when released. Prisoner rehabilitation

Consequently is there an improved way to arrange an ex-con for attackers after released, also to stop that revolving door? Perhaps we can reduce the rate of assault, and crime in world by reducing the quantity of folks entering our penitentiary systems. We should first start by asking ourself’s “why do we have so many criminals in the first place”? Political figures will only supply you with the typical answer that we must be tougher on offense. 

So what leads people to a new of criminal offenses, and violence? Of all the prisoners in America over fifty percent drop out of high institution. Some circumstances that can cause people to be imprisoned are people with mental illness, poverty, maltreatment by parents, and many more additional factors, but should these contributing factors allow prisoners to acquire rehabilitation, or should we continue with the bad cycle of ex-cons coming back to prison?

Could it be any surprise when a person cannot find a job after released from jail? Nobody will hire an ex-con in the outdoors world.

Victimless crimes replace with approximately half of the prisoners in jail for drug possession. Our prisons are overloaded with medicine cases. For Federal penitentiary inmates about 61% are there for drug related offenses.

Sadly when nonviolent offenders leave prison they are no longer nonviolent. Nonviolent offenders are put in cells routinely with violent offenders. Getting stronger, and more violent is what prisoners become while in prison which is not great for anyone.

Intended for an American prisoner the suicide rate is five to fifteen times higher than the population of America. While in jail many prisoners do not have any visitors including their families, or friends.

Of course its realized that folks must go to prison when it is warranted, but what must be done (if anything) to slow up the rate of men and women entering into the prison’s, and stop the revolving door so when prisoners are released they could secure a job.

I believe education is an important factor so the number of men and women can decline from entering our prison systems. However with the high rate of high school dropouts, and many people lacking the required qualifications to secure a decent, and satisfactory paying job it is not necessarily likely that it will improve except if the priority for a college degree does.