Ukulele Lesson – Compose Your Own Melodies

Generally many people use their ukulele to play chords to songs. But, do you know that you can play melodies too! Read on and I actually will show you how one can make your own songs! making chords

An ukulele can be used to play chords to songs but also to play melodies. Today I will reveal a way to compose your own melodies and also transform your life skills as a the composer!

The C tuning 

I actually suppose that your ukulele is tuned and in this lesson I will base my article and the note names on the C tuning. This kind of means that your first string with the maximum pitch is tuned to A, the second thread to E, the third string to C and your fourth string to G. Some individuals tune their ukulele in D which means that the gift items are a whole step higher.

Learn the remarks on the 3rd string

All of us will start by learning the note C on the third string. You may play this note by pulling the string without pressing down a be anxious. The next note to learn is the be aware D. To play this note you require to press down the second be anxious on the third line. You can play the strings with your right hand thumb.

Time to compose

Since you have two remarks at your disposal you can commence to practice creating. Maybe you feel that two notes are too little material to compose but it is a fantastic exercise to get started on making the almost all of two notes. You can vary the rhythms and the number of times you play a notice.

More remarks

Well, if you have tried to use these two paperwork to create melodies and rhythms you will now have three more remarks that you can use. They can be on the second string. E is on the open second chain, F is on the first fret and on the third fret you will see G. Now you have an overall total of five notes to use to develop your own songs.

I would recommend that you try to find out note names as you play as a planning for the song you will soon learn to play. A tips is also to use your left index finger to play the notes on the first fret, your middle finger for the second fret etc.

Master Mary Had A Tiny Lamb

This melody can be played with the notes you have discovered. Here is the song:



Try to determine out all on your own how long the individual notes needs to be.

The C-major scale

For the first string you will have the note A on the open chain, B on the second string and C on the third string. Anyone can play a C-major range from the open third string to the third fret on the first string. Here are the notes you start with the C on the 3rd string:

C D Electronic F G A M C

This means that will you have sufficient notes to compose a number of melodies and also play popular songs!

You can find many inspirational ukulele playing examples on the Internet. Many uke players have clips online for example. By planning to create your own melodies on your ukulele you will practice both your fingertips, your brain and your heart!