Three Biggest Brands for Men’s Slippers

Individually, I really enjoy having a pair of nice warm slippers to go walking the house in. I bought my previous pair of slippers once we were surviving in a property on the beach in San Diego. Although it may seem to be like a warm place where you would not desire a pair of house shoes, it was really quite cold. Mostly because we had hardwood floors through the complete house, so every step was a new experience in cold; especially in the winter time. Presently there are around a 1000 various sorts of mens slippers (or household house slippers as they are also known) now available online on the big shoe sites, so it can be difficult to know where to get started your search. Discussed in this article will be the three biggest brands that sell slippers for men. Flip Flops

L. B. Evans – Not merely are LB Evans slippers the best known brand of slippers on the market, they also offer the major selection. The L. B. Evans brand only makes household slippers and nothing else. Also, they are exclusive to men so you will not likely find women wearing the L. B. Evans brand, though they are really made by the Daniel Green company which also manufactures ladies slippers under the Daniel Green trademark; if you also want a couple of quality slippers for your wife, you can even examine away Daniel Green so much as they are there to women’s slippers what L. B. Evans is to men’s slippers. The L. B. Evans directory boasts over 50 different styles with a great amount of variation between styles meaning there is a good chance you will be able to find what you are looking for. Prices online vary from $25 a match to just over seventy dollars a pair. 

Smartdogs – Smartdogs is similar to L. B. Evans in that their entire listing is exclusively slippers. Smartdogs slippers are really similar in style to those proposed by L. B. Evans. The brand name differs in that the majority of Smartdogs product catalog is actually women’s slippers, nevertheless they still manufacture enough styles of slippers males to have the second spot on our men’s list. Although the women’s Smartdogs listing contains over 140 current styles, there are just over 40 styles for men. Prices for the men’s slippers range between $40 and $90 a couple making them a bit more expensive than D. B. Evans.

Acorn – While many Acorn styles are slippers, Acorn differs from the others in that many of their slipper styles could be comfortably worn outside the house the home. While their styles have wool stitch or other natural dietary fiber tops, they have dense soles necessary to make them wearable outside the house. Thus you can enjoy the comfort and warmth of slippers even outside the house, as long as it is merely cold outside and not wet. You should not be comfortable for too much time if they got wet. The men’s Acorn collection amounts from $35 to $180 a pair, but house slippers price between $35 and $90 a pair making them corresponding to the other brands on our list.

Other big brands for men’s slippers you might want to consider include: Dearfoams, Old Good friend, Minnetonka, MUK LUKS, Fireside Casuals, Lamo, O’Neill, Shepherd, Brumby, and Woolrich.

In summary the top two brands on this list are incredibly similar in all respects and I may not recommend one over the other. Acorn differs in their thicker sole which I would recommend if you need to be able to wear your slippers outdoors. All give a very similar price range making price an irrelevant take into account your choice between brands.