The Common Types of Ghosts Sighted

In terms of ghosts in houses in addition there are many different and diverse beliefs. Probably the most popular idea is the fact ghosts are people who have died and have not accepted they are deceased, therefore their nature has remained on Soil to roam until their calling. From this belief there is a final process that the soul must complete before crossing to the other side. white orbs photos

While another belief is that ghosts are actually just imprints of memories or characteristics of someone that is deceased but not actually associated with that once living person’s soul. 

Illustrations of these memory imprints include claims such as seeing a ghost running, knocking at doors or perhaps even working. The theory the following is that these are imprints of ex – lives, almost like a flash back and that the entity is exhibiting the same movements as they’d in their past human lives.

Describing what a ghost physically appears like, is almost impossible to determine and this is due to the very fact that there are different varieties of ghosts, haunting experience and unexplained events. Nevertheless there are three very common forms that you will be probably already aware of. These are generally Orbs, Ectoplasm and full apparitions.


These are probably the most frequent of composition of ghosts and state of mind. They are small white-translucent tennis balls of sunshine which are usually picked up in photographs but are not obvious to the bare eye.

One belief is that ghosts take the form of orbs because it uses less energy where as others believe that the orb is a human soul buying new body.

When i was on a luau in Hawaii at Paradise Cove I took a photography that literally had thousands of orbs, perhaps once a spiritual ground, which is now a Cultural Hub. Could this be chance or is this an incredibly spiritual place?


This is actually the whitish misty looking varieties which are much much larger and less shapely than orbs are. These do not seem to be to try to get almost any form or shape… similar to fog or smoke cigarettes but appears unaffected by wind and movement.

Frequently ectoplasm is depicted as a smoky look before it takes or after it retracts from a full apparition. Occasionally you may also see multiple orbs which appear to be linked along with the dark ectoplasm linking the orbs together.


Apparitions are the full shaped, generally solid form of cat, which is the key form associated with ghosts. When you can see a body or head then this is an apparition.

Sometimes they only appear as dark areas and other times the forms might be a clear image of a living form. Apparitions appear to be fully aware about the haunting victim and may socialize or communicate with the living.

Ghostly activities are not merely covered by our eyesight sight they could probably just include hearing sounds, feeling a chill as if someone is seeing you or maybe items inside your home will move around unnaturally in addition to a telepathic manner without the explainable cause.

These are the regular types of ghosts sighted, but of course there are many other experience and cases reported. It could be Ghosts in Residences & other spooky places such as haunted hotels, haunted castles, haunted cemeteries and many other locations.