Setting Up Your Nikon D3400 DSLR Camera to Shoot Videos


The Nikon D3400 is an entry-level DSLR camera designed by Nikon for folks who are moving up from bridge cameras or from compact cameras and whilst it will require excellent photos it also shoots superb video. A selling point of this camera is that it shoots Full HD online video which is 1080 at 60 frames per second, which is actually breathtaking, and gives you a very smooth and very high quality video reproduction. A single of the downsides however is that it does not have an external mic socket and that is a lot in common with most cameras in this category – though incongruously its predecessor, the Nikon D3300, does have a microphone socket and I actually would say that if you’re going to capture a lot of online video, which will require a lot of sound when you’re actually recording the video – you may are doing interviews or you are recording bands – you might want to look at the D3300 alternatively than this camera. D3400 menus

In the other hand one of the things that I do like about this camera is the fact it has a lot of effects and modes, to enable you to provide a creative result with the way that you blast stills and those results are translated through to videos too which is actually quite fun. So you can have a thrilling time with picture illustration which tries for a takedown a sort of witty effect but in online video. You can have fun with the miniature result which shoots a type of time lapse but within the miniature result option, and you may also have some great fun that we found with toy camera effect which gives a really OLDE WORLDE type of shot through online video with vignette and quite unsaturated color. 

Before you shoot video you require to change some of the settings in the food selection. So first of all switch the camera on and press the menu button and you are looking for the capturing menu. It options are right at the underside of the page so that you could use the multi selectivo to go all the way down or perhaps you can press it one up and, because it’s on a rotating dial, it implies that you go directly to movie settings. Then simply you can choose your FRAME RATE and BODY SIZE. There are two different frame rates one is NTSC which is mainly for America which will give you 70 frames per second or 30th frames per second, and the other is PAL which is principally for Europe which will provide you with 50 frames per second and 25 frames every second. It is quite important that you choose the correct one for your country so really worth checking if you are not sure. My spouse and i would recommend 1080 at the highest frame rate, obviously. It will go down to 720 which is completely acceptable for social media for Bebo etc. If you move one down on the menu you will get a look at movie quality which, of course, should be high rather than normal and then go down one more option to microphone. The D3400 does not have an external mic socket, but it will have an internal mic that can be reasonably effective over short distances.

You could have 3 options for microphone – the first one is AUTO, which is understand and worked reasonably well for ambient sound, the second is MANUAL, which I would recommend because it gives you more control over the reasonable that you’re recording. In the event you are in manual you ought to be aiming for your sound to peak at 12, if you can test out the taking beforehand – if someone’s talking for example – then what you’re really looking for is when that individual is at their loudest, to peak on doze and you could use the variable selector to move the sensitivity up or down to ensure that occurs. The final one is to switch microphone AWAY and I don’t advise that at all even though you may intend using the appear used obtaining the sound on the video is really a very useful way of selecting clips when you’re editing and enhancing. Appearing out of that you then go on to wind flow noise reduction which won’t make a huge amount of difference. The last option is manual movie settings. If you leave that off, then although you may go into manual on here you won’t be on manual settings because you’ve switched it off here. If you move it on here you can use the manual settings and the car settings so I would recommend that you change that on.