Recapping the WWE’s Traditional January Pay Per View – The Royal Rumble 2010

January is widely known among wrestling fans for the Royal Rumble. Since 1988, it had been a January traditions. And, since 1989, has been featured among the WWE’s premier pay every view events, ranking right along with Summer Fly, the Survivor Series and falling right in lurking behind Wrestlemania. wwe wrestlemania 34 results

This year’s Rumble was held at the Philips Arena in Atl, GA on January thirty-one. Five championship matches were featured before the real Royal Rumble event, but only one new safe bet was crowned. The Rumble event was doused with a lot of “short time” entrance, as a lot of superstars were eliminated before the next one entered. But, the surprise entrant for this year’s event made a huge statement. 

On with the matches (I will never critique the backstage interview, as the matches support the greatest importance):

All complements were called by Jordan Cole, Jerry “the King” Lawler and Matt Striker (who is becoming one of my all-time favorite color commentators). The beginning contest was for the ECW Championship and was between a crafty veteran of the industry and one of the most promising new superstars. Christian did defeat Ezekiel Jackson to keep his title, but Jackson’s durability certainly posed as a great opposition for the ECW Champion.

Within a match that was just signed tonight, The Miz had to defend his United states of america Championship against MVP. This back and on match ended with all the Miz pinning MVP with a tiny package to retain his U. S. title. It was obviously hard for MVP to accept and this individual delivered the Playmaker and shuts The Miz up for evening.

In a match that pitted two of the WWE’s most hated superstars, Sheamus protected the WWE Championship resistant to the viper Randy Orton. Those two have been trying to upstage one another since it was determined that Orton would challenge Sheamus at the Rumble. That was really hard to share who the fans were rooting for, as both received boos up on top of boos for every single every move they linked with. Orton does strike the RKO and moves for a protective cover, but the bell rings ahead of the referee commences to count. Sheamus kept his title today, via disqualification. Cody Rhodes came to the engagement ring and hit Sheamus, which prompted the ref to call for the bells.

The WWE’s Women’s Shining was contested tonight between champion Michelle McCool and Mickie James. This was an extremely short match and Mickie James picked up the win and became the new Women’s champ. The events after the match were more thrilling than the match itself. A few weeks in the past on Friday Night Smackdown, McCool and Layla plonked cake and poured impact on “Piggie” James, but the favor was delivered tonight. All of the babyface WWE divas emerged to the ring, holding a sizable cake. The wedding cake ended up across McCool and Layla.

About what would appear to be a mismatch by the size alone, The Undertaker defended the World High quality Championship against the biggest, little man in athletics entertainment, Rey Mysterio. This kind of very solid match was even from both gents perspective. The Undertaker concluded Mysterio’s imagine becoming the World Heavyweight Champion for the second time with the Last Ride. Today we can say that whoever wins the Noble Rumble will have the possibility to face, as this time, either Christian, Sheamus or The Undertaker for their respective titles, given they are still winners when Wrestlemania rolls around.

It’s always exciting to determine who drew numbers one and two to start out away the Royal Rumble. For me personally, the most memorable start was when Ax and Smash of Demolition were the first two traders, several years ago. This kind of year, Dolph Ziggler and Evan Bourne are definitely the first two out. Let me personally not go into fine detail for any thirty participants… only the perhaps most naturally ones. CM Punk was entrant number three and eliminated both of his predecessors. Beth Phoenix is number six and it will go down of all time that your woman eliminated the most significant man in the 2010 Noble Rumble. But how the lady did it is even more bizarre. The fantastic Khali drew the fifth place, but was eliminated with a kiss from Phoenix, arizona. Unreal.