Put Your Game Face On – It’s Time For the 2010 NBA Playoffs!

Exactly where were you last 04 18?

… and where are you gonna be until mid-June?

For every NBA enthusiast out there, it’s quite clear that these dates mean the most to you personally, particularly if your supported team has already clinched a playoff berth. NBA Playoffs

The Western Conference has their spots locked and ready for a rumble. La, Dallas, Denver, Ut, Phoenix, Oklahoma City (first-time! ), San Antonio (13th straight time! ), and Portland are proud to be incorporated into that list.

Rounding the Eastern Meeting, Cleveland (with home-court benefit throughout the playoffs), Orlando, florida, Atlanta, Boston, Miami, Wisconsin, and Charlotte are sound like sure picks, with Toronto and Chicago fighting it out the previous seed as of this writing. 

As the 2010 NBA Playoffs blooms in the horizon, it’s but natural for the “average hardcore” fan to back up his or her chosen team’s quest for the much coveted championship banner this postseason.

Tickets are already being sold like hotcakes, and along with that, the latest NBA items as well.

There’s nothing at all like strutting out the streets with your own Boston Celtics Backpack (if you’re a fan of “The Truth” or “The Big Ticket”) and trusting that they have what it takes to claim back the throne and get Banner #18 as their own.

Or as an alternative, if you are in the west coast someplace in a place called “Kobe-ville” and know in your heart that his team’s gonna go for back-to-back championships this season, why not consider an L. A. Lakers Backsack to guide you in the journey ahead? (Note: it’s a rough drive for the defending terre as they might just have to go through an elite and experienced team on every level of the playoff run. )

If I were a youngster down in Cleveland or Miami, I’d sure want to see myself not merely capable of see LeBron or D-Wade face to face, but also wear my NBA Junior Jersey Rucksack to let them know I’m one with them.

This April 18, make a statement. Make your team proud. Show the faith you have in them. Give the love that they deserve.