Predators Within Our Prisons

My personal hat is off to the judicial system in Tallahassee Florida. They have proved they care about their citizens, whether free or in prison. That they found five prison protections who work in research Prison for women guilt ridden of trading contraband for sex and other charges. A sixth prison officer was shot dead during a shootout through which this individual instigated after witnessing national officers entering into the prison to serve examination Warrant. StarUp

Is it not severe enough for a woman or anyone for this matter to be serving time in penitentiary while paying their personal debt to our society where prison guards such as these are abusing their power? I know this may not be the first time this has happened and can more than likely not be the last. 

I know these were not offences of passion or maybe simply sexual urges demonstrated by the prison guards and also the female inmates. These were crimes of power and authority. I strongly believe set up female inmates were willing partners in these exchanges, it was still an abuse of power demonstrated by the Correction Officers.

Just because, someone is in penitentiary, does not mean they deserve abuse. Shame on these Correction Officers who had been caught doing these crimes. Shame on the Correction Officers who knew these crimes were being committed while turning their heads.

Our contemporary society cannot allow these atrocities to occur within our prison system. This decreases morale for prisoners and discourages inmates to restore their lives. Prisoners are not in prison for sexually gratifying Correction Authorities. I believe these A static correction Officers should be billed with rape.

Prison inmates are easy to take advantage of as well as victim upon, even if the prison inmates were supportive in these crimes determined by the Correction Representatives, it proves evident they felt they didn’t have a choice. I desire the Florida legal system throws the books at these predators and never allows them to work within our prison system again.