Origami for Kids and Kirigami for Kids

Origami is fun for kids to do. Using traditional Origami techniques you can create shapes games and decorations. Origami is a great activity related to the kids and young ladies are specifically engaged in this wonderful craft.

Kids in the orient have been entertaining themselves by causing origami for centuries, it is a great activity for birthday parties or play-dates. kids songs

Origami is the japanese word for paper flip. ORI means to collapse and KAMI means newspaper. Together, they form the word, “origami. ” That is an art form that is handed down from parent to child through many generations. Origami consists of the creation of newspaper forms usually totally by folding. Animals, birds, seafood, geometric shapes, puppets, playthings and masks are among the models that even very young children can figure out how to make. 

Kirigami is similar but involves slicing and folding paper, you will remember making newspaper doilies or paper snowflakes at Christmas – you were doing Kirigami!

With some of the wonderful sets on the market today origami and kirigami for kids is not hard and fun. A great way to go out with your children doing an activity that produces a wonderful part of work to prize. In Japan they like to use everything, waste materials has always been frowned after which is very how Origami started, using up little bits of paper still left over from other activities. This can be a wonderful way to introduce the subject of waste and making sure we use all the materials we have at our disposal without waste material – reuse, recycle, reduce!

When you are carrying out Origami it is important to make clean and sharp folds and the paper is important too, you can buy special papers at specialist retailers, but for beginners and especially for kids it is often far better to buy Origami set and find out how it goes, this way you should have the right materials that will be easy to work with and clear instructions to follow to generate your Origami work. It is vital to start out with a square piece of newspaper so if you are using your own documents start by folding a square and removing the excess rectangle from an item of A4 paper, the good thing about an origami set for childrens is that everything is ready to go and the papers are fun and interesting for the kids.

Origami and Kirigami are best introduced from around 6 years, by this time children have more patience and will be pleased to participate in the activity that requires precision and attention to details. You could have a fun get together theme around Origami, especially for a girls get together – but do not dismiss the boys – Djeco make a brilliant package for boys to make 20 paper aeroplanes with cheeky little pilots peeking out of the logement! A brand new kit again available from Djeco is a Kirigami decorative ball set in place that is enchanting for girls and appears fantastic hanging in their bedroom. The joy of this as a party activity is that the children make their own get together gifts to take home – maybe have a few ready made up to use as demo’s – they make great party room decorations too!

If the kids love Origami this is the subject to research online on the internet – we could always trying to bring in the internet and online resources in a positive way. Balancing time on the computer or any screen time is a challenge for today’s parents. Online internet skills will be critical for your kids working life so and we think it should be approached pro-actively from as early an age as your child starts to want to use the computer. The internet is an excellent encyclopaedic source and we encourage you to help your children put it to use for more than just online gaming.