Online Coupons and How You Can Use Them to Drive Sales

During the last few years there has been a fast growing increase in the UK public’s understanding of just how worthwhile meeting and using promotional coupons or vouchers can advantage them as consumers. Also the giants in the retail and supermarket world are involved in a huge way, how many people reading this own a Tesco ‘Rewards’ card and look toward obtaining in the post the bag that contains information on how many money off coupons they have recently been sent along with the discount on their next shopping trip they can take advantage of. free coupons for dominos

In britain alone it is believed that discount coupons rely for some? 2. 75b worth of savings each year which figure is growing year on yr. Actually that figure is actually quite small and here in the UK our company is well behind the astute Americans, where using coupons is an each day ‘must’ when choosing nearly everything or anything from discount in a nearby grocery store, going out for dinner to large discount offers on a new full-time motor car or engine home. Even celebrities sign up for in and no-one frowns on it, in reality it is typical for every person to hand over either a single promotion when shopping or a whole hand full and even employers in many American companies offer marketing coupons within an employee’s overall salary and benefits ‘package’. 

If any visitor has come to America, especially the East or Western coast and Florida, they will know full well that coupon booklets can be picked up in virtually any local shop or street kiosk. These are filled with discounts while offering predominantly from local restaurants or hotels and car rental companies but also from many local businesses and trades people, all of whom are after extra business.

Within the UK ‘street smart and forward thinking’ businesses are quickly realising that to gain more sales or inquiries to them they need to attract customers to them somewhat than for them to go to a rival. Most are still clinging on to the thought that all they must not give too much away as this will critically damage their ‘bottom line’ too much. Well how silly and short sighted they are!

They have long been a fact that retail and supermarket stores use things called ‘lost leaders’, these are products that they sell for below the figure they buy them in at or even give them away. For example, when you walk into a huge supermarket, quite often you will see a ‘great offer’, this could be a new release DVD MOVIE, that should usually cost around? 14. 99 but for each and every customer spending at least? 30 they can buy that DVD for just? 5. The mentality and thought process behind this apparently foolish offer, which definitely works, is the fact everyone has to go food shopping so if the store selects a popular choice of DVD, (especially if it is one for children), the customers own children will convince the parents to go shopping in that store so they can find the cheap DVD! This kind of offer can work for most businesses and any business that does not utilise this clever marketing ‘tool’ will soon lose customers to more aggressive competitors.

Although not every business can or wants to give away the latest DVD! So what can an enterprise offer?

The truth is, it does not actually matter to a huge degree, what is being given away or offered because the large ratio of the British general public just wish to feel they can be getting something for FREE OF CHARGE or even more for their money in one place than they would get in another place. However, experience shows that the better the offer, the more inquiries or sales that business will receive. Eating places are a perfect example; nowadays you see on offer anything from Free of charge bottles of wine, 10% discount, 2 for you on main meals and so on and so forth. NEVERTHELESS any business may offer some form of promotional offer and it does not need to be a monetary discount.