New Design Panasonic Li-Ion Battery – No Laptop Fires Anymore?

Significant numbers of batteries for laptops have been valued over the last few years for risk of fire. A recall for Dell notebook battery ability and Apple MacBook laptop batteries during the summer of 06\, and then Toshiba and Lenovo was released the same issue. It really is Sony who made the batteries which are recalled within the past years, whereas in the Oct 2006, this company announced its own large-scale recall. What’s the reason of the recalls? The Sony laptop electric battery might cause an open fire due to short circuit the heat made. 18650 battery UK

Luckily Panasonic has started mass-producing a Li-ion battery for notebook compters that’s rather more capacious charge-wise than current programs. 

There may be an insulating material oxide layer among the cathode and anode in the brand-new laptop power supply design to avoid the overheating of the chargeable battery if a brief takes place Also, the ultra-modern Panasonic battery is built to the alleged “18650” form-factor, which is the standard size – 65mm long, 18mm in diameter – for the cylindrical cells laptop ability pack makers build in the box-like units notebook owners will be aware of.

In addition to being safer, the battery life of the ground breaking model battery is much for a longer time than before. Without any increase in the cellular size, there is seven percent increase of the capacity for the Panasonic’s new offering while comparing to the present 1850 skin cells. However, there is still no any words on when the new electric batteries should strike the market.