My Top Five Favorite Harrison Ford Films

We would be lying if We stated that Harrison Ford was one of my favorite actors. After all I really like the guy, but I just don’t think he has been around enough movies in recent years to warrant account. That is not to talk about I don’t enjoy his movies. I think this individual has starred in more great films that most actors his age.

The following movies are the top five favorite videos starring Harrison Ford.

Sharp and Present Danger is one movie that definitely is out there for me. I only wish they would come away with another Jack Thomas film, rather than another Indiana Jones. Patriot Video games is also a great movie from the Jack port Ryan franchise. 

Of course, there must be a movie from the Star Battles saga about this list, so I will bad it out of the way now. While I cherished the Empire Strikes Back again, it ended on such a cliffhanger (I aren’t handle cliffhangers in movies) that I have to give the nod to Return In the Jedi.

To not include an In Jones movie with this list would be blasphemous. Everybody has their preference, but I was personally too young to truly enjoy the earlier films when they came out. Subsequently, my favorite from the Indiana Jones franchise is The Temple Of Misfortune.

Apocalypse Now just has to make the list as well. It may well not have been a leading role for Harrison Ford producer, but he was in it nonetheless and therefore was part of one of the greatest battle films ever made.

One particular other movie that I actually would definitely include with this list is The Meandering. This movie is merely so good, I don’t really know what else to express. I may be wrong, but I actually believe Tommy Lee Roberts won the Academy Merit for Best Supporting Professional in this film.

These are just some of the best Harrison Ford videos. With so many great films under his application, it is difficult to narrow it down like this.