Massage Chair Review of the Omega M-2 Orion Massage Chair Recliner

We realize how important it is to find good information regarding a given product. We have developed a systematic and comprehensive review process for massage seats to help take those bias out of the process. Our bodies contains a 5 category system to evaluate an automatic massage chair. Each category has equal weight and the value of each category is between zero to 20 points. Most the quite a few each category are added up to give an overall ranking. Our categories include Warrantee & Customer Service, Comfort/Ergonomics, Convenience, Features and Massage therapy Therapy. This systematic way forces us to a disciplined approach to evaluating a massage chair to help guide anyone looking at massage guide. In this review we measure the Omega watches M-2 Orion Robotic rub chair which is in the entry level range of prices of $1, 500 and under. MASSAGEM TANTRICA

Warranty & Customer support: Warranty and customer service range from manufacturer that makes the robotic rub chair. Warranty is important, since it protects the customer in workmanship of the product. Lack of this is customer service. Customer support must solve issues one could have. With the M-2 Orion, Omega Therapeutic massage covers 12 months on the frame, six months on parts, and six months labor and shipping for 6 a few months. For an basic level therapeutic massage chair, Omega provides the current warrantee and is higher than the other manufacturers in its kind. With the M-2 Orion, Omega provides strong warrantee coverage. Today on the customer service side, Omega overall is responsive and competent with quick turnaround times when issues do arise. The M-2 Orion is an 18 in Warranty & Customer. 

Comfort & Ergonomics: Enjoyment Ergonomics helps with relaxation. Within a therapeutic massage chair the body should fit well in the chair and really should be comforting to the entire body. The Orion has a luxurious back rest cover and a sizable rectangular shoulder joint pillow. The back cover is good, however the second pillow is too vast and perhaps too skinny. The fit of the chair is otherwise comfortable. The curved armrests are incredibly comfortable and the couch can be adjusted from 115 degrees to a hundred and seventy degrees. Another plus is the leg rest is extendable an extra 4 inches. The paddle system in the calf massager is effective and can be positioned for maximum effect. The manual redressers are fairly intuitive in their position. Our score in this category is 17.

East of Make use of: How easy and instinctive is conditions given product is another important area. Products need to be designed with an individual in mind. The M-2 Orion shiatsu massage has an attractive simple controller. Just drive the key power and choose the auto massage to enjoy a massage. The M-2 includes manual adjustments for the backrest and the footrest. The back-rest and footrest are fastened to a manual cilindro which when released increases the footrest or increases the chair back. The M-2 does the heavy lifting for you. The remote has 3 computerized programs and 3 tutorial programs with 3 back again courses. The remote also controls the calf therapeutic massage, seat vibration and couch massage. Omega creates a chair with features of a higher end rub chair while still providing a fairly easy to use couch. Our rating in this category is 19.

Essential Features: The characteristics that differentiate one robotic massage therapy chair from another are reviewed in the key features category. The Orion massage chair includes a Local massage which provides a flowing, swaying motion. The swaying massage motion is conducted by the rear rollers and supplies good again coverage. The M-2 comes with an eight rub head system built into it for the bottom and thighs. The rub heads are on a rotary mount and providing thorough therapeutic relief. Choose from 3 levels of massage intensities. Additionally, stoß is also available for the seat. The gerüttel helps to stimulate the capillary vessels to increase blood flow. This is a well thought away robotic massage chair for its price range. General Rating for the Omega watches M-2 Orion for features is 18.