Map Out the New Year

Just about every New Year’s I review what happened in the previous year and consider what I want throughout this year. I read that the 3rd week of January is when many people wane on their New Year’s file sizes. I don’t make Fresh Year’s resolutions, but We do engage in a process of imagining what I want for the upcoming year and map out how I can get there. Happy New Year 2018 Quotes

While i consider what I want in 2012, I look at things that are real (a new car), or a quality I would like to include (calmness). One method I prefer is to make an Eyesight Board, which is an artistic expression of what I want in the New Year. It is a kind of collection which is a variety of images and words that exhibit my goals. The photos and symbols keep the goals in my brain throughout the year in a great and creative way. 

In recent times I have concentrated on a phrase or word to guide me personally in upcoming year. The phrase that came to me personally one year was “Create. ” From there I actually created my affirmation, “I create what I need. ” An affirmation is an optimistic statement that We repeat to yourself as a positive intent.

In the event you are considering making a Vision Map you can do it in many different ways. Follow this advice to get it along:

1. Invest some time in silent contemplation deciding what you would like to see happen the next yr. Is it a brand new job, new house, embrace money, or bringing more delight into your life? In the event that a word comes into your mind, consider adding that on your Perspective Board.

2. Get jointly some heavy paper in a size that suits for you. I used a huge part of poster panel and is not the best way to go in 1 / 2 to the size of 11×18. Pull out some old magazines, scissors, and glue and get trimming.

3. Remove pictures and words that seem to be to speak to you. No longer overthink it. Just use what seems to fit where you want them to be at the end on this year.

4. Organize and glue the pictures on the newspaper in a way that looks pleasing to you. We are not discussing artistic work here. For anyone who is not an artist, all the better; just get the pictures and words on the paper. May overthink this, simply do.

5. Hang the picture in a place where you can see it daily. I put mine in a private place where I can see it daily. Be mindful of who might call at your Vision Table and determine whether that is OK for you. This kind of can be a very personal process and you might feel too uncovered by having others see what you created. If perhaps they are judgmental, that is not helpful.

In the event that you are tired of New Year’s Resolutions, try making a Vision Map. You can make one each January or at any time in the year when you want to start out over. I find this creative expression of my year ahead is the right way to say Happy New 12 months.