Make Me a Cartoon! How to Quickly Cartoon Yourself For Free

Turning your image into a cartoon web face is one of the most popular online trends throughout the social networking world today. Cartoon avatars serve as an unique way of branding your personal id in a variety of online communities like Facebook . com, MySpace and many others. There are many different methods of creating an animation picture by digitally exploit a photograph of your face. Methods range from professional graphic image croping and editing techniques using Photoshop or Illustrator to fully computerized online website systems. 9anime

As most people do not have access to professional image editing software like Photoshop nor the skills to use such a complex program, we will just look at some of the automated animation yourself free of charge methods available. So should you be still wanting to know how to make all of us a cartoon then keep reading. 

Probably the quickest way to make a cartoonize image of yourself is by using an online image editor like Lunapic. It’s really simple… first I just go to the Lunapic website, then I choose a picture file for my web face and click “upload now”. After the image has uploaded to their server, I can create the cartoon picture of myself by going to the “effects” drop down menu at the top and then click on “cartoon”. Soon after the result is applied, I usually save my web face toon by clicking on one of the “save to” links below the image.

Similar cartoonize image results can be acquired by using Google’s online image editing tool at Picasaweb. This service is more complicated than the Lunapic method above but it can produce similar results. One of the problems with Picasa is that Google will insist that you have an accounts with them before you can use the service nevertheless they do have an overabundance options available in their software.

While these 2 methods above may be quick way to make myself a cartoon, the results that they produce are extremely poor in quality… probably not something you are going to want to use on your profile!