Flapper Dresses and Kissproof Lips – Ladettes of the 1920s

The flapper girl was a phenomenon of the twenties. The definition of referred to young women who wore dresses that came to the knee, had short locks that was styled into a bob and who liked to listen to the new music of that time period called Jazz. These women were the laddettes of time. They went away drinking, liked to smoke cigarettes and wore very impressive make-up. The make-up usually consisted of bright red lipsticks and heavily made up eyes. This was particularly striking as the women tended to have very pale skin. Disney Princess Costume

During this period of time, flapper dresses were in vogue. Women wore dresses that were loose fitted and had a lowered waist. This was in complete contrast to the clothing of their moms, which included fitted underwear and long dresses that exposed no skin at all. Plenty of flapper dresses were short sleeved with many having embellishments such as beading, fringing and decorative lace. 

Ladies thighs were definitely on show during this era with women wearing sheer tights and garters along with high heeled T Club shoes. These elongated the leg and could be very provocative when the women did the dynamic dances of the time including the Charleston and the Bunny Hug.

In modern-day society females face no taboos about how precisely they dress, look are act. All of us are free to wear our skirts as brief as we like, wear all the make up as we like and drink as much as we like. The flapper girls of the twenties were advanced for their time and without them, we might not exactly have loved the freedoms that we now have. I therefore salute those girls with the flapper dresses and kissproof lips.