Fixing ‘Plugged in, Not Charging’ Problem in a Dell Laptop: My Personal Experience

It absolutely was just another usual night time after i, urged by the need of surfing the net and checking my Facebook changes, booted my Dell laptop. I then immediately linked to my Wi-Fi and started reading and small adjustments updates on the Facebook or myspace website like I would routinely do. It got been quite a while going through updates and surfing the web alongside that the battery of my Dell laptop confirmed a red signal. My spouse and i apparently knew what My spouse and i was supposed to do. I immediately plugged my Dell laptop’s battery-charger into its charging point and into the power store and then leaned again in my chair examining updates again. Shoot! I actually thought. It was in no less than 40 seconds that I noticed my laptop’s battery has not been charging. The red light on my laptop continuing showing up indicating My spouse and i should either plugged it into a power store or turn off to save the unsaved work. universal travel adapter

My spouse and i removed the AC assembler and then plugged it back in. The backlight lit up bright, conserving money LED light on the adapter came on fine but the red light continued to look. I then clicked the battery icon in the device tray and there it said ‘Plugged in, Certainly not Charging’. I haven’t got faced this problem since I obtained this laptop and then whats the reason today. Curious and surprised I was. I then again unplugged and plugged the power adaptor back but nothing took place. ‘I am in a fix, it should not have happened to me’ I thought. 

Let myself tell you 2 several weeks. fairly brand new Dell laptop loaded with Microsoft company Windows 7 and is hardly 8 months old. So it should not have been giving me personally a difficult experience like this. Irony was that I didn’t even have another computer by my side so that I actually could work on it. I felt hopeless with my heartbeat going to some degree down. I felt disappointed. I shut down the laptop and then did not remember regarding it till next night time though I could not take out the condition away of my mind. Pursuing day also I booted my laptop in the hope that it’ll start working on its very own. A momentary glitch may have induced this problem. I again plugged the AC assembler into the power wall plug in addition to the charging slot of my laptop but nothing happened. I immediately turned off the laptop in the fear that the remaining battery demand will also drain away and it won’t shoe again.

I felt disappointed again. Then again my eye lit up with some hope again. ‘Since 2 weeks. new laptop, My spouse and i should call Dell and ask for help’, My spouse and i thought. Before I called up Dell help, a thought ran through my thoughts. Let’s check away the laptop for the final time. If it still doesn’t charge, My spouse and i will probably be going to call Dell and get it fixed today. I avoid really know what helped me think like this but We rebooted my laptop and then plugged the commissionner back in. Voila! My personal laptop’s battery started out to charge again, normally like it was doing from last 7-8 months. The ‘Red Alert’ on my laptop didn’t be present this time.

My eyes lighted up bright this time, in fact brightest. My personal heartbeat acquired its rate again and the teeth returned in the face. Ah! Finally my problem is fixed. I was happy and relieved. Nevertheless then I felt tired. I thought ‘what on the earth could have possibly caused this problem? What must be done in case the challenge attacks again? ‘ Since my laptop was charging fine, I immediately linked to the Internet and began mining Dell help and various other communities and forums to determine possible alternatives of this problem. Allow me tell you actually that I did not find any possible triggers for the situation. However, We got several different methods to fix the problem. I am just sharing a few alternatives here that other users can also try.