Fitness Equipment Glossary

You will find dozens and dozens of different type of exercise equipment out there so monitoring them can be quite the task, even for an expert. The constantly influx of new type of innovations and equipment also do not help and can intimidate newbies to the fitness world. We have compiled a set of the most frequent conditions regarding fitness equipment and break them into simple to understand, non-jargon answers. We have also complete which body part the equipment targets, if relevant. If words like ergometer, P80 console and johnson machine baffle you, this list will probably be your friend. We have gathered up all the fitness equipment names that we could find and we are constantly adding to this list.

Stomach Bench

Category: Durability

Human body Parts Targeted: abdominals

A great ab bench is an exercise bench that is generally at a fall, usually with padded lower leg rollers to hook your legs or foot around to perform a crisis or sit-up. You can also get flexible versions of these to can perform different exercises on. 

Adjustable Bench

Category: Durability

Body Parts Targeted: N/A

Being a flat table, nevertheless they are adjustable to either become a flat counter, an incline bench or a decline bench.


An abbreviation for the Precor AMT (Adaptive Action Trainer) which is an all-in-one elliptical machine. With the ability to change strides and adjust to the user without the manual adjustments.

Arc Trainer

Category: Cardio

Body Parts Targeted: hamstrings, quadriceps, gluteus maximus, core (if it includes upper body: triceps, biscoteaux, back)

A cardio machine created by Cybex that closely resembles an oblong, but the independent hovering pedal mechanism further reduces effect on your lower joint capsules.

Assisted Chin Dip

Category: Power

Body Parts Targeted: triceps, deltoids, pectorals, stomach, biceps

An assisted chin dip machine is a tower with two sticking out rods. Some machines will have the user either kneel or stand on a weighted platform. The consumer starts with their forearms at a 90 level angle and extends their arms to accomplish the exercise.


See entry for elliptical.

Curl Bench

Category: Strength

Areas of the body Targeted: N/A

Also sometimes called a preacher curl. This table resembles a seat with a padded section in front. The user places their arm over the padded part of the table and is capable of doing curls with proper form.


A single of the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment. That they mainly focus on producing power equipment with over one humdred and fifty unique pieces. Cybex is also known for his or her ground breaking Arc Trainer cardio machines.