Fall Protection Solutions – Safety When Working at a Height

Performing at height can be incredibly dangerous and it is an employer’s work to ensure that their employees receive both the best safety equipment and the correct working at height safety training. Zero matter what industry you are in (be it construction and building work, telecommunications, wind turbine industry and a variety of other sectors) it is necessary to make certain you have the most appropriate fall arrest and fall protection equipment. A single of the most vital aspects of working at height safety is roof structure fall protection, so in this short article we will appear at some of the safest and cost effective safety solutions and products. DBI Sala self retreating lifelines

Roof Fall Safeguard

It is important if you are thinking of installing roof fall safety equipment at your business premises that it provides continuous hands free add-on. This will allow your personnel to move around the roof freely and carry out all the necessary inspection and maintenance jobs that your building require. For comprehensive fall season protection you need to be considering roofing anchors, horizontal lifelines, and horizontal rail systems. Presently there are a number of these products on the market and it is recommended that you do the necessary background research in the company before deciding to get. It is advised that you choose a company that provides a bespoke solution that is tailored for the specific jobs that your worker will be undertaking. 

Roof fall season arrest often requires a solution to a problem and there a few of options you may look at here:

Horizontal Train Systems

Horizontal rail systems give you a number of interesting benefits for your roof top fall arrest and safeguard issues. They can be unobtrusive and can complement the look of modern building design without compromising safety. A large number of users can be placed on a horizontal rail system and their integration into existing buildings is second to none. As stated prior hands free procedure is vital for your employees regarding fall protection and side to side rail systems offer that. They are flexible and can be used for suspended rope access for more difficult inspection and maintenance tasks.

When looking for enough roof land arrest you may even consider:

Horizontal Cable Equipment

Horizontal cable systems offer similar benefits to the horizontal rail system because of their overall flexibility and hands free operation. Just like the horizontal rail they as well are non-aggressive and can blend into modern buildings and old buildings alike. Horizontal cable connection systems are a much more cost effective fall protection and arrest solution – while you have the lower price you aren’t compromising the safety of your personnel and employees.