Facebook Marketing – Trick or Treat?

Most of us have logged on to Fb and seen wall emails from friends, asking all of us to engage in one Facebook match and also the other. We have been asked to have your vote, share and what not! And some times we even hear that they won the contest and are eagerly awaiting their prize. A few several weeks later (months, if your friend is patience personified! ); when you take a peek at the brand’s fan page the truth is that your friend has posted complaints on the page, saying she hasn’t already received her gift. You additionally see similar messages from all other users. buy facebook contest votes

The brand will lose a few fans in the process of course, if the fans are really disgruntled, they do some bad-mouthing for quite a while and then forget about the event. It might not be as big an issue to bigger brands as it would be for small ones. Even so, in the long run, brands big and small can do without such negative publicity.

Therefore, here are five things brands on Facebook MUST bear in mind before going forth with a campaign/contest: 

1. Get Interesting
Generate interest. Whether it is wall posts, photographs or videos, showcase something that will urge the customer to stay tuned for more or return. No longer bore your fans with information regarding your products all the time. Provide them with a breather, put in a tale or a funny picture sometime. Throw in an useful tip or menu. Make sure to bring up your content to the upcoming promotion or tournament on Facebook.

2. Act in response
You needn’t reply to every lame query or comment but make it a point to give a prompt and considerate reply to every valid one. There is no harm in loosening up a lttle bit and taking part in your fan’s pleasure with friendly or amusing replies. Just don’t go overboard. After all, you are a brand and you have an image to have up to. And that offers to the next point…

3. Reflect your brand’s personality
A high level00 hip fast food joint, it can okay to say ‘Howdy? ‘ and ‘Wassup’. In fact, you must! Nevertheless if you are a premium luxury resort, the same things will look crass and distasteful on your page. The range dividing concern and nosiness, amiability and bossiness, sensuality and vulgarity; is alternatively thin. Make sure you aren’t on the incorrect side of the range. Simply put, the terminology you utilize should suit your brand.

4. Handle negative comments respectfully
You can certainly tell when a negative statement is from a genuinely frazzled customer or a spammer. Take comments from the former seriously. Respond immediately and never shy away from the wonder phrase ‘Sorry’. Address their concern, direct them to a buyer care number or email. And most importantly, make sure the customer service division takes it up after that! If done right, you will get a ‘Thank you’ in return. Skill should be the parole.

5. Keep your claims
Weight loss ‘trick’ your customers into Liking you, on Facebook or perhaps. If perhaps a treat is assured, deliver it. Have your Terms and Conditions in place before you start the contest. And make sure acquiring the winning prize does not become a hassle for the success. This again, calls for a coordinated plan of action. Always remember, customers tend to believe negative experience more than positive ones.

The key is based on realizing that Customer is indeed King/Queen. Treat them and they will be nice to you. Trick them and they are justified in being nasty. What do you say now, Bloody halloween?