Countdown: The Last Days of Austrian Airlines’ Station JFK


2009 was a transition year for Austrian Flight companies as a company and in North America. Progressively straddled with debt and unable to reverse the plummeting financial situation created by inexpensive carrier competition, escalating fuel prices, and the economical recession, the very existence was endangered until a July contract with Lufthansa-German Airlines, under which it assumed the monetary obligations and attained the majority of it is shares, was concluded. European union approval of the purchase was obtained two weeks later. SilkWay

Like many worldwide companies that contain been compelled to outsource functions and then surrendered to takeovers, it was subjected to several fundamental changes, especially at its JFK place. 

This is how the final chapter unfolded.


Seeking a great investment partner to restore it is financial viability, Austrian Airline carriers explored several options, but the very first step to a solution happened on March 2, 2009, when Lufthansa made a public offer for the tri-carrier Austrian Airlines Group after it reached an agreement with the condition holding company to get a 41. 56-percent stake in it. The 4. 46 euro-per-share offer, yet , was broker after it obtaining antitrust immunity and the endorsement of 500 million pounds of restructuring the help of the state having company. Additionally, it hinged after Lufthansa’s purchase of at least 75-percent of their everlasting voting shares.

To get North America the time clock had been ticking, and nothing foretold its fortune more than the series of duty trips taken on to negotiate new negotiating. Although Austrian Airlines famous both its 20- and 40-year transatlantic service jubilees on March 26, the occasion was bittersweet, since it seemed unlikely that it would achieve another, at least avoid it is own staff.

Indeed, during one of the original duty trips to Barcelone, a was reached in which all businesses would be assumed by Lufthansa, getting rid of the advantages of it is employees. It became the particular first of 3 to be signed.

Planting season usually signaled renewal, but not of Austrian’s personnel contracts. A second Canada trip, in April, noticeable the transition, with JFK Station Manager Michael Steinbuegl overseeing the Centralized Fill Control and Duty Supervisor Dorit the passenger controlling components of it.

With the dawn of Might, the initially JFK’s staff members also departed. Jenner, who had been utilized as a Ticket Sales-Reservations Agent for three years, was let go because of “budget-necessitated reductions, inch and the empty seats next to Sidonie, mind of the department, came out like a void, remarkable of a strongly skipped relative.

The dismantling extended. Whitestone, Austrian Airlines’ North American fortress, passed it is reservations torch to Kranich-konzern (umgangssprachlich) on the tenth of the following month, or what could have recently been considered the airline version of “black Friday”

In the event that there was any doubts about the hammer hitting the nail, these were eradicated on August 28, when the European Commission officially approved Lufthansa’s acquisition, which itself consisted of 500 mil euros of restructuring assistance from the state having company and the combination between two carriers. In order to achieve the required antitrust immunity, nevertheless , Lufthansa agreed to give up key flight slots and reduce the amount of frequencies between Vienna and Brussels, Perfume, Frankfurt, Munich, and Stuttgart.

Austrian Airlines itself was slated to be one of its many independent, Euro hub carriers-in this circumstance, a Vienna-based one nourishing visitors its Central and Eastern European destinations.