Commercial Kitchen Ventilation and Extraction – What You Need to Know

There are a variety of things to consider when installing commercial kitchen ventilation and there are a number of different types of systems available – but all must comply with the “Standard for kitchen fresh air systems DW172”. A commercial kitchen cannot operate effectively without a properly designed and functioning ventilation system. Getting the design of the correct system for YOUR premises can be complex. All systems are procedure and site specific – how you move air, where you move it to and what you have to do with it to ensure compliance not only with the kind of guidelines, but also any nearby building and environmental constraints. hvls fans chennai

The factors that may should be addressed include not only physically moving the air, but heat, humidity, smoke cigars, fire, grease and scent. There are numerous filter and security systems available that package with any or all of these issues and the best system for you will rely upon your site, its surroundings plus your budget. You may also have to deal with noise from the fan(s) and any planning issues concerning external ducting. 

In basic conditions an air flow system comprises a cover over the production area with a fan associated by ducting to a filter bank within your kitchen extraction canopy which draws the air away to the external tire out point. The fan is sized in direct relationship to the amount of air that must be transferred, where it should be shifted to (the exhaust point) and how quickly (depending on the sort of food being cooked).

In addition, mechanised provision must be made to replace 85% of the air that has been extracted. This is called “Make up Air”, the other 15% is made up by natural means – general kitchen areas and windows etc.

Within just the design, careful account must also be given to ensure enough gain access to for cleaning of the duct and servicing of the fans.

If the production machines are gas, in accordance with Uk Standard (BS6173) you will have to fit a Gas Interlock system. This technique automatically shuts off the gas supply to the kitchenware in the event of a failure in the ventilation system.