Church Family Gifts

“Now concerning spiritual [gifts], brethren, I would not have you ignorant”, I actually Corinthians 12: 1. In this verse and the verses following the Apostle Paul is telling all of us that as Christians we receive gifts from Goodness. Paul is not discussing every day blessings, but special gifts given to the individual members of the Church family. This individual is referring to “Spiritual Gifts”. Gifts Your Dad

The same problem often exists in acquiring “Spiritual Gifts” that exists in acquiring gifts from one another. This problem is that we may make an effort to read something into the surprise or make assumptions relating to them.

1. We may make a direct romance between our gifts and our spirituality. In example, a person who provides the surprise of “hospitality” may well not be seen as being as spiritual as a person who has the surprise of “preaching”.

2. Here are a few statements that contain recently been made which make such presumptions:

a. The greater important the “Spiritual Gift”, the more mature and spiritual the person.
b. The major proof of the O Spirit in a personal life is his or her ability to speak in tongues.
c. All of us must ask God for the “Spiritual Gift” we wish.
d. Some Christian believers have little to chip in to others.
e. A lot of people are more important than others in the Church as in every situation.

When we think of early Church we think of a strong, growing Church that is void of many problems. While we are bothered by problems in our own congregation, or unsatisfied about our personal psychic growth, we wish we could be as the New Testament Church. All of us feel that the Chapel has lost it’s electricity and wonder how to recapture those earlier times of regular victory. Nevertheless when we study this Chapter of I Corinthians we see plainly that the early Church has not been utopia! One of the problems in the early on Church in Corinth centered on this very problem, relating “Spiritual Gifts” to spirituality. Paul realized the Church at Corinth was suffering because they don’t understand one of the “Spiritual Gifts” and were making false assumptions. Paul challenged their assumptions in verse 1 stating “Now concerning spiritual gifts, brethern, I would not have you ignorant”. The same applies to the House of worship today. If we can understand more about “Spiritual Gifts”, many of the problems within the House of worship would be overcome.

Because explained earlier, a “Spiritual Gift” is a particular capacity given by the O Spirit to the Religious to be used for the good thing about the House of worship. This can be a special ability that differs from a natural talent. While God uses our natural talents in ministry to others, “Spiritual Gifts” are supernatural talents given by God. “Spiritual Gifts” exceed the boundaries of our own talents to equip us for fruitful and effective ministry. Since they are items, they have to be given. They will are gifts of style and therefore given no matter of the merit of the individual acquiring them. That they cannot be learned, only developed and sharpened after acquiring them. They are given to the Religious at the discretion of God. Non-believers do not have “Spiritual Gifts”. That they may have great abilities, nonetheless they are not genuine “Spiritual Gifts”. Every Christian has a “Spiritual Gift” and some Christians receive a combo of them. There are no ungifted believers, only Christians who may have not learned and developed their “Spiritual Gifts”.

This is a set of some specific “Spiritual Gifts”. Depending after interpretation of Scripture there are from 12 to 28 “Spiritual Gifts”.

Evangelism – Ephesians 4: 11, “And this individual gave some, apostles; plus some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and a few, pastors and teachers”. This gift idea is a special ability to talk about the Gospel with unbelievers in such a way they come to get Jesus as Savior and Lord. Preaching in an evangelistic method is merely one type of evangelism. Evangelism is also life-style.

Shepherding – Ephesians 4: 14. This surprise is a special ability to minister the Word of God to individuals to bring positive spiritual growth for their lives. A good shepherd passes his sheep or leads them to the destination to feed. A good shepherd watches over his lamb. He protects them from their natural enemies. This individual keeps them from heading astray and will follow them when they do go astray.

Teaching/Preaching – Ephesians 4: 11. This kind of surprise is a special capability to communicate important facts and messages from The lord’s Word so that folks are uplifted and challenged. This idea, like evangelizing and shepherding, is looked after as a gift idea of the guía only or someone who is more spiritual than most Christians. Again, this is a false supposition just because a Sunday School instructor with this very special surprise can communicate communications from God’s Word just as well as the pastor. This gift idea has specialization within it’s own specialty. Some may have the gift idea of coaching and challenging young people; others teen-agers; others wedded couples; others to the more mature (elderly); others to women; and others to men.