Change Your PS4’s Hard Drive

This kind of ps3 4 launched with a 500 gigabyte hard drive. How adorable! That they think 500 gigabytes is enough data! Hey, Fiat! This isn’t 2008. five-hundred gigs isn’t going to slice it. Not when you’re games have required installs. Not when your games are 40 to 50 gigs a bit. If you’re making us juggle data. That’s fine with touch screen phones, where programs can be deleted and reinstalled in 30 seconds. It’s not OK when your game titles are absolutely massive, and will take a couple SEVERAL HOURS to install games. How come would you not deliver with at least a terabyte? It’s ridiculous! You may shut up too, Microsoft company. You shipped with the same size hard drive! Not only that, but at least Sony cruises with your average normal laptop hard drive. With your console you have to buy a private drive. So, i want to say this with all the professionalism I can gather: Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! free ps4 pro

Anyways, There is a fairly easy fix for your problem. That is to just replace hard drive yourself. Whoa relax, no longer cry. Oh gosh, if you’re crying. It’s not that hard. It’s actually quite easy. You’re not crying and moping anymore? OK, good. Make sure you hold your composure, that was awkward for the both us. Great now you’re crying again. Discussing just move on… 

MAKE SURE YOU NOTE: I do not feel that this will gap your warranty, however, it is in your best interest to make contact with Sony to make sure. I am in no way in charge of any damage or voided extended warranties that may happen because of this of a hard drive change. Please proceed at your own caution!

The first thing is to accumulate the materials! So first you will desire a new hard drive. I used an one terabyte Seagate hybrid drive. Make sure that the drive is 2. 5 inch drive, otherwise it will not fit in the PS4. You could also use a good state drive. That being said, I may think you will get a very significant acceleration boost from it. As well as solid state storage has been traditionally considerably more expensive than traditional platter hard drive. Or you could easily get a traditional hard drive with a ton a storage. The key reason why I travelled with a hybrid drive is that you get almost all of the great things about the solid state drive put together with the cheaper mass storage of a traditional platter based hard drive.

Pictured: Seagate Hybrid Disk drive

You will also desire a computer handy. Ugh, I understand. I am asking a lot of you. Using that computer navigate to Sony’s site. Find the latest firmware. Make sure that you get the Since the date this article is published that software is 3. 15. You will also desire a one gigabyte thumb drive, for positioning the downloaded software onto, as well just like you plan on backing up saves and game data. Make sure it is formatted to FAT32. Right click on the flash drive, and click format and make sure FAT32 is picked. You will desire a PS4 controller and an UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS cord. Lastly, get a helpful dandy screwdriver!

If you plan on backing up your saves, plug the USB drive into the PS4, demand settings menu. Under the settings menu find the “Application Preserved Data Management” menu. Discover support and restore, and the actual on screen guidelines.