Buisness Can Also Be Fun

Do you really incorporate fun in your business? Research shows that laughter has many beneficial benefits. It increases mental and physical healing. That can add years to your life.

Humor gives a cohesive work environment. This boosts morale, increases production, stimulates motivation and reduces stress and stress-related problems, like burnout and absenteeism. more information

Hint, hint! It’s OKAY to feel good when you are conducting business. Humor not only provides levity, but more important, celebrate a harmonious atmosphere. 

Just what exactly are some ways of bringing a bit fun into your work environment? This ideas could work across all types of organizations:

? Give surprise certificates as reward (rather than cash), and then allow the winner to go shopping during business hours

? Start meetings by going around the bedroom and allowing employees to speak about a recent funny experience – a great way to encourage participation and slide easily in the serious business of business.

? Hold monthly paintings for prizes like surprise certificates to local businesses.

? Invite a local business to come in during lunch time and promote their fun products or services. For example, they might offer services like a massage salon, yoga exercise classes, nutrition lessons, and cooking demonstrations. Think how your staff will appreciate your interest in their health!

? Create a room solely just for fun. It could contain toys, games, funny literature – an area where employees can go and release.

Let’s face it! A fun environment makes for a cheerful worker, a happy employee means higher productivity, and higher productivity finally means more profits for you.

Is going to you be creating a fun work environment? The probabilities are limited only because of your creativity. Try it and let me know the results.