Building an eBay Shop of Your Own

Just how would you like to have your own shop where you can sell ‘in demand’ eBay items? Accomplishing this gives you the potential to earn a living from eBay without ever the need to have your own stock or spend time presentation and shipping goods. This kind of is an excellent scenario for folks looking to earn through ‘passive income’. This information appears at the steps included. Worldwide Brands review

The eBay Partner Network (EPN)

The essential first step to setting up an eBay affiliate shop or store is to participate the eBay Partner Network. This may seem to be uncomplicated enough: simply go to the EPN website and sign up as you would with some other affiliate network. But likely find that, like a lot of other people, you don’t get accepted onto the EPN the first time. Be continual, polite and professional. Email them and describe your business design to the people at the EPN and demonstrate that you have an excellent website which will drive qualified traffic to eBay. By taking this method you will probably find that you will get accepted onto the EPN. 

Make your Website All set

If you don’t have already a site you’ll really need to have one up and running before you apply at the EPN. It will not need to be fancy but it does need to look reasonably professional and have some original happy to drive search engine traffic to it. Try to get some level of traffic before applying to the EPN or they may decide that your are not a serious online marketer. You can build your website in whatever way you want but viewers a lot of affiliate internet marketers build their sites with useful packages such as WordPress. I’ve also built a lot of sites using Joomla and it’s really great but, if you are just getting started and want your site ready to go quickly, I recommend WordPress. Selecting a WordPress template from the countless great ones available online will also help to accelerate the site-building level.

Integrate eBay Products

Presently there are many ways to integrate eBay products with your website and the exact method will rely upon which website-creation package you are using. One easy way to get started is to use the icons available on the EPN website. If you go the ‘Tools’ section of the site you will see a whole number of ways of making advertising for eBay-listed products to trade on your site. Once inside the ‘Tools’ section you’ll see icons such as ‘Editor Kit’ and ‘Custom Banner’. We often use a custom banner to get going as it can a great way of highlighting as few products at once and you will easily filter it by key word and/or category to get it showing just what you want. Should you be building a shop then you’ll need to display more items at the same time and the ‘Editor Kit’ is a quick way to do this. Select ‘Custom Display’ under ‘Dimensions’ to create a device showing a huge number of items at once in a wide display.

When you’ve set up your widgets simply copy and paste the code into the proper place on your website. You could then have attractive, relevant and advanced eBay product listings to display to your tourists. If they click through and purchase the eBay product you’ll make money. In that case you can really start calling yourself an internet marketer!