Audiobooks and Technology Converge- Finally!

Alright, raise your hand if you remember eight-track tags (for those of you under 40, go ask your parents about them). How about LPs? Any person? You understand, those big dark-colored CDs? What, you may ask, does any of this have to do with the price of audiobooks in China? Truly, quite a bit! harry potter audiobooks

It can about technology with relation to music media. Sound media has gone through some major changes during the last 15 years. Everybody knows awesome Computer games are — fabulous acoustics quality, minimal storage space, long-lasting (if you take even reasonable care of them). 

Nevertheless it comes to audiobooks, many people actually prefer to take a technological step in reverse to the technology that ruled the earth after eight-tracks and LPs — music cassettes! (C’mon, We KNOW you remember those: -)

I’m not sure anyone ever tried an audiobook on eight-track record, and there may have been a few on LP, nonetheless they were definitely not a raging success. Nevertheless cassettes came into the picture, audio tracks “books on tape” really started to take off. And that’s recently been the prevailing format for music books until very recently.

Now you can find a lot more audiobook game titles coming out in the current media format safe bet: CDs. But there are a lot of folks who still prefer good old music cassettes to Compact disks. This is also true when we’re chatting about playing audiobooks. My spouse and i happen to be some of those people. Let me describe why.

First of all, audiobooks in CD format can’t hold no more than 75 minutes of content. On the other hand, cassettes can keep 90 minutes or more of narration. With cassettes, you’re likely to need two or three to hold a good bigger audiobook. But you probably need many more Compact disks to carry that same audiobook.

Another problem with mp3 audio books on CD is that they tend to be more expensive than the same audiobooks on cassette. For example, an unabridged version of “Harry Knitter and The Goblet Of Fire” on cassettes is merely $31. 96 on the Bn web site. The same audiobook on a single site in CD format is $55. 96 — almost twice the price of the cassette version! Goodness!

Here’s the biggest problem I have with mp3 audio books on CDs. Typically, when you turn off your CD player while playing an audiobook, you’re not going to be able to start out up from exactly where you left off. But with a powerful cassette, you can do exactly that. If you aren’t listening to a COMPACT DISK packed with songs it’s not just a real big problem. Yet within audiobooks which can have much longer chapters, you really want to acquire more precise stopping and starting capability. Listening to music books on Cd albums can be frustrating when you’re driving if you have to restart the audiobook or try to locate where exactly you halted whenever you shut off the car. Sure, there are more advanced COMPACT DISC players in cars these days which experts claim restart where you stopped when you turned off the car. But it’s certainly not an universal feature. And oh, incidentally, if you take your CD out from the CD player, you definitely can’t just put it back in and commence where you left off. Which has a cassette you can.

Seeing that audiobooks are mostly just narration, most people who get them don’t see the point in paying extra for CDs when the music quality of cassettes is pretty near that of CDs specially when wish talking about largely story content.

Ah, but hold out! What’s that I see riding in from the horizon on a white horse? Yes, it’s an MP3 player! The hottest in the battle for media market dominance may be just what the audiobook world has been waiting around for! Small size, big capacity, Excellent quality. BEST for audiobooks! And the nice thing about it is, there are audiobook stores popping up that are experts in downloadable audiobooks, taking their cue from the resounding success of the downloadable music phenomenon.

Down loadable audiobooks and MP3 players are definitely the perfect convergence of technology. And I think it’s fair to express that we will see the number and quality of downloadable audiobooks increasing significantly as major publishers understand the potential. Many already have. But many more will, and very soon.